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Zombie Land

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Ace Amusement focuses on the development, manufacturing and sales of high-end game equipment and entertainment equipment in indoor paradise!

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Zombie Land

"Zombie Land" is a new generation of laser shooting game  developed by Ace Amusement , which has the following features:

1, original IP, international style: domestic and foreign top creative team of the joint efforts of the independent original masterpiece, IP IP was the first zombie vivid, after shooting zombies are still stubborn resistance, and with the appearance of the machine; adopting the international style, simulation of the rear of the car, the more high-end!

2, 3D large scene mode: the camera follows the dynamic illumination technology, game screen vivid realism, the story content is rich and diverse, plot planning withholding, out of the ordinary, better enhance the tourists appreciation and experience!

3, Home entertainment, town magic weapon: four people can cooperate and play games together, which is a better choice for family parent child class! The machine is large enough and the content of the game is shocking. It is the highlight of the playground town!

4, the original zombie theme, full motion and vibration combined firing mechanism for seat, the game hit props can also convert Spitfire, pogonip, different types of lightning strokes, more exciting, more experience!

[game instructions]

1. players coin, press the key to enter the game.

The 2. player controls the gun handle and starts shooting the zombie attack!.

3. pick up gun props, with a large fire, pogonip, lightning and other functions, enjoy carefree zombie killing pleasure!

4. the end of the game, the more scores, the number of lottery system.

[specification parameter]

1, working voltage: AC220V + 5%50Hz (or AC 110V + 5%, 60Hz)

2. Maximum power consumption: 1000W;

3, size: W4881*D3518*H2812 (mm);

4, weight: about 800 kg;

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A brief introduction to Ace Amusement Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on high-end amusement equipment products, is a collection of R & D, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the large recreational equipment enterprises. The company has more than 10000 square meters of the plant, the main areas of service are: Children's playground, video game animation City, theme park, etc.. The main products are: Children's video game consoles, Carnival lottery machines, gift machines, simulation machines, large and medium-sized machinery, recreational equipment, etc.. Independent innovation is the development direction that Dacheng science and technology has been adhering to, and the company adheres to the tenet of "earnest, preciseness, excelsior, and service sincerity". Carry forward recreational culture and create healthy and happy products!


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